Why RxMaster Pharmacy Systems

Top 5 Reasons to Make a Pharmacy System Change!

1.  You are tired and stressed out.  You need a pharmacy system vendor you can trust that is focused on Independent Pharmacy.  You need a system vendor that will to listen to your specific needs and work with you to accomplish your pharmacy goals.

2. RxMaster offers extremely competitive pricing that includes the most responsive customer service available in the industry.

3. Several Pharmacy Software Companies are being bought by others currently in the market.  This often results in lack of customer service and upgrades or system switches the pharmacy does not want to make, providing a good time to look at a new software product from a trusted company with a long term commitment to independent pharmacy.

4. As pharmacy becomes increasingly more complicated, you want to have a system that makes your life easier and increases your profit margins!

5. The RxMaster pharmacy system is a modern Windows based system that is backed by person-to-person support, so you get any problems fixed immediately with a live person.

The Good News:

Plenty of money can still be made in your pharmacy.

The Bad News: 

You must watch it like a hawk and it is difficult to find the time. Because of your increased Rx volume, and the increased amount of labor it takes to deal with all the third party issue's, HIPAA etc., most pharmacist's feel like it is a fight just to get through the day. As your attention was diverted to other issues, it became more difficult to pay attention to what you were making on each script.  Low profits occur one script at a time. You may even feel like what's the use? The insurance companies dictate what I am going to make anyway. To some degree this is true, but it is also true there are things you can do to insure you receive maximum reimbursement from the third party. Most pharmacy systems make it difficult or even impossible for you to watch the money,and increase your reimbursement. Our system helps you do it!


The playing field is not level. Many retail pharmacies are handicapped by the pharmacy system they are using.

How many times will you change pharmacy computer systems? 

Have you given up on the notion a truly excellent Pharmacy Computer system exists?  Over the years,we have picked up customers from most of the other pharmacy system vendors. Once they are with us, they stay with us. There is no need for them to look around or change when they know they have the best software and service on the market. The bottom line is we believe you save time, money, and a lot of aggravation over the years with RxMaster. You will eliminate the need to make the same decision more than once.  We are customer service driven and our goal is to make the decision for a new pharmacy software vendor easy.